Property in Mayfair – Why Mayfair Has the Monopoly on Celebrity Style

It’s Christmas Day. Presents have been exchanged and opened, the children are restless and the Monopoly board is brought down from the shelf. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, but it can’t last – within 20 minutes the scene dissolves into chaos. Harsh words are exchanged, tears are shed and the board is thrown across the room, sending a tiny metal top hat flying gracefully into the Christmas pudding. And it was all fine and dandy until dad started buying property in Mayfair and, for all intents and purposes, won the game.

Sound familiar? In the real world, Mayfair couldn’t be further removed from its role in the perennial Christmas Day argument. There’s a reason why Mayfair has the prestigious position as the most expensive property on the UK Monopoly board, and that’s because property in Mayfair is amongst the most luxurious and exclusive in the entire world. Its famous streets and landmarks – from Park Lane to Mount Street, from Berkeley Square to Grosvenor Square – play host to swarms of celebrities and luminaries, many of whom own property in Mayfair themselves. Pop into one of Mayfair’s exclusive bars, clubs or restaurants and you’re almost guaranteed to see a familiar face or two.

Take a walk down Mount Street and, amongst the splendour of the famous red brick buildings, you can see some of the most famous examples of commercial property in Mayfair – including such celebrity shopping haunts as Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin.

Swing round the corner to Park Lane and perhaps stop for a drink at The Dorchester Hotel, where stars from fashion, film and further afield indulge themselves with fine wine and excellent food – the Dorchester is famous for, amongst other things, hosting Prince Philip’s stag do!

After taking in your fill of hotel splendour, stroll down some of Mayfair’s smaller thoroughfares such as Wood Mews and Dunraven Street, where some of the finest examples of residential property in Mayfair can be found. From lush apartments to grand city houses, these quieter lanes provide a surprisingly relaxed retreat for many celebrities that make Mayfair their home.

For those lucky enough to own or rent property in Mayfair, rubbing shoulders with the stars is part of day to day life. Imagine spending weekends picnicking in Grosvenor Square, and then moving onto Automat Club – where Emma Watson celebrated her 18th birthday. Or perhaps having a few drinks at Annabel’s Club, which is frequented by some of the most fashionable names in the business, including Kate Moss. Mega-famous pop star Madonna has bought property in Mayfair in the past, and it is a testament to Mayfair’s position as the most prestigious place to live in London that so many celebrities choose to live in the area.

So the next time you find your family falling out over the Monopoly board, imagine owning some real property in Mayfair – where glitz, glamour and celebrity style are part of everyday life. That’s not to say that Mayfair Monopoly games are any less subdued – picking out playing pieces from the Christmas pudding is just an inevitable part of Christmas, wherever you happen to live.