Discover Lots to See and Do Along Abu Dhabi’s Corniche

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that has it all – glorious sunshine, pristine sand and plenty of culture – you can’t go wrong by booking a break in Abu Dhabi. The emirate is renowned for its lovely climate, breathtaking buildings and perfect beaches, all of which you can access from the city’s costal thoroughfare, the Corniche.

The walkway runs alongside the water of the Arabian Gulf for almost 6 km, taking in beaches, gardens and cultural sites on its route, and is the perfect place to stretch your legs after a long flight.

Whether you want to amble along and admire the sea views, or get the blood pumping with something a little more active, the Corniche is definitely the place to do so. The wide pavement makes it ideal for rollerblading or cycling, so why not hire a bicycle and exercise those muscles?

If you’re happy with a gentle stroll down the Corniche, you’ll find plenty of places to stop for refreshments after disembarking from your cheap flights to the emirate. The walkway is dotted with cafes where you can sample some famous Arabian coffee, which is known for its rich flavour.

Choose a good vantage point and you can sip your drink and watch the boats bobbing up and down at the nearby marina.

The beaches are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the region and if you want to relax then there is nowhere better than on the sand. For a nominal fee you can spend some time on the public stretch of coastline with a good book, or, if you’re feeling active, playing volleyball.

You might also like a refreshing dip in the sea, or perhaps trying your hand at the thrilling pastime of wakeboarding. You can also take a trip out on the water aboard a speedboat, or embark on a coastline tour of the area.

Green spaces abound along the Corniche and you’ll find excellent areas for picnics – many of which also have children’s play areas. A particularly popular spot is the Family Garden, which runs along the walkway and offers a tranquil spot for a nice stroll in pleasant green surroundings.

If you fancy taking a tour of the area on land, climb aboard an open-top bus, which you can hop on and off as you please. The bus will take you along the length of the Corniche and also into the city centre, making a stop at the Marina Mall.

This is a great place to get off if you want to indulge in a little retail therapy, and you’ll find a whole host of big brand names stocked under one roof. The mall also houses a leisure complex, where you can take in a film, go bowling and be entertained by the musical fountains.

Inside the mall you’ll also find a 100-metre high viewing platform, from where you can admire stunning views of the city, and numerous restaurants and cafes where you can sample some tasty local cuisine.

Hop back on to a bus and you can disembark in the city, where you’ll be able to see landmarks like the eye-catching Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – one of the largest in the world. Central Market is another spot worth stopping off at, as the bazaar is both a commercial and social hub of activity.

You can also take in the sight of the islands of Yas and Saadiyat during a bus tour. The former is known as Abu Dhabi’s main centre for entertainment, while the latter is shaping up to be a haven for art fans, as a variety of museums and art galleries are currently being erected here. Why not test your sporting skills on the beachfront golf course at Saadiyat Island during your time exploring?

From the Corniche, you can also access the breakwater where the Heritage Village is situated, and the attraction is certainly worth calling in at. You’ll find the settlement to be a replica of an oasis village, featuring reconstructions of Bedouin tents and a lively souk. There’s also a craft shop where you can purchase locally-made goods and experience life as it was in the emirate during a bygone age.

If you want to visit the emirate firsthand, take a look at flights to Abu Dhabi and start planning your getaway today.

Salt Lake City – This Is the Place Worth Visiting

“This is the place,” said pioneer-extraordinaire Brigham Young after months of exhaustive trekking across some of the country’s harshest terrain.

The “place” to which he was referring is now known as Salt Lake City. At the time though, in 1847, it was no more than a barren land where a band of fatigued Mormon immigrants found themselves after giving up all other worldly possessions for a chance to build their lives anew. One can only speculate as to the reaction of his weary followers. Surrounded by crackly sagebrush and barren soil, and in the midst of an uninhabitable lake, it must have taken a serious mind’s eye to foresee the grand metropolis that would ultimately prove to become a promised land for hedonists and ascetics alike.

My relationship with Salt Lake City is quite extensive. After all, I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have found myself in this capital city of the Beehive State. And I must admit-I haven’t yet grown weary of it. Salt Lake City has been the intended destination for dozens of family road trips. It has served as a gathering place to meet up with friends and relatives. And most of my journeys elsewhere usually commence at Salt Lake City International Airport-the region’s predominant air hub.

Salt Lake City is an eclectic hodgepodge of modern and antiquated, fancy and plain, kitschy and virtuous. The city serves as the global headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and yet, only about half its residents classify themselves as such.

The city boasts wide thoroughfares crammed with shopping outlets and fine restaurants. The city center itself is quite small however, as most of the valley’s population is settled in outer suburbs. Its focal point is a grand LDS temple that serves as the landmark of the area. The rest of the city is made up of easily navigable gridded streets to the north, south, east, and west of the temple.

While only primed members of the LDS faith can enter the temple itself, the surrounding gardens and buildings are accessible to visitors. Full-time volunteer missionaries from over 40 nations are eager to share Mormon Church history, beliefs, and doctrine in 30 different languages on several customized tours around Temple Square.

Although downtown Salt Lake City is charming enough to hold its own against the likes of other major U.S. cities, it’s the easily accessible tracts of wilderness that alluringly entice visitors to Utah. The nearby mountains of the Wasatch Front act as a glorious bastion of perennial outdoor activities. The surrounding forests cater to all types-from penny-pitching tent dwellers to lavish five-star resort frequenters. And in the midst of it all lies Park City, Salt Lake’s frivolous little brother.

Ski resorts dot the landscape. In fact, there are four within an hour’s drive from the airport. Visitors and locals alike flock to the slopes every winter to experience what “Ski Utah!” claims to be “the greatest snow on earth.” And considering the sheer popularity of such resorts, “Ski Utah!” just might be on to something.

While the soft, powdery snow is the main enticement to Park City during the winter months, it’s not by any means the only draw. Each January the Sundance Film Festival showcases independent films from across the nation and all over the globe. During the festival, Park City transforms itself from a rustic winter village to a sensational Hollywood-esque bash. Glitz and glamour overtake rugged and wild.

After experiencing the many facets of Salt Lake City, most visitors find themselves seconding Brigham Young’s declaration. Salt Lake truly is “the place”-the place for fine dining, shopping, skiing, hiking, biking, meandering, and contemplating. So go for it. Visit Utah-and make it your place too.

Discover What Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Has to Offer

Find yourself a tranquil spot and stay a while in Maleny, Queensland. This Sunshine Coast location attracts many artists working in a wide variety of media along with tourists seeking eco-friendly activities. Set within the Blackall Range above the coast, enjoy views of the Glasshouse Mountains, rain forest, and sea.

Restaurants serve fine meals including Italian and German cuisine. Just stop in at the bar if you prefer a drink or find a snack and a coffee. Alternatively, get your groceries at the local butcher, supermarket and specialty shop like a cheese merchant creating and selling goods on-site including chocolate cheese. Take goodies back to your apartment and serve up a treat.

Local jewelers specializing in gold create unique pieces using natural gemstones. Should the exquisite environment inspire you, arrange to have something special made in the way of an engagement ring for your partner. Visitors to the goldsmiths gallery can also view fine art on display there.

Make time for the wildlife reserve, Cairncross Park, where a variety of native animal and plant species make their home in the Blackall Mountain Range. Guided tours can also be arranged to take you here, to a winery or on through the art galleries in Maleny and surrounding towns. The local film society helps visitors extend the cultural side of their holiday. Their focus may be films, but they go further. Enjoy the way they combine films with food and wine.

Speaking of wine, Settlers Ridge is a must-see local venue. Drop by for a bottle of some award winning varieties. They make and sell Shiraz, Tawny Port, Pinot Grigio and more. For more shopping opportunities, wander down Maple Street, the main thoroughfare in Maleny.

Maleny is a popular wedding destination, and Maleny Manor can boast its own awards for making couples happy. Use their wrap-around veranda, pavilion atop a hill and wide lawns for the perfect ceremony and beautiful photos. Book the wedding package where the entire manor will be taken up by the happy couple and guests. Enjoy continental breakfast if wedding-day butterflies do not get the better of your appetite.

Should this venue be booked for a happy day, try staying at one of the other stylish and well-appointed local resorts. All sport fantastic views. Choose from self-contained apartments where you can bring your supplies back and eat by candle light. Rent a private cottage and snuggle by a wood fire while watching a movie. Even book a romance package where guests are greeted with champagne and goodies plus massage. Bring your loved one or host a conference where clients will be wowed by views out the window.

Not far from Maleny set off in search of a bit more adventure. Places like Aussie World and Australia Zoo are especially appealing to families. Aussie World comprises amusement park rides, side show laughs and refreshments. Australia Zoo continues to further the dream of the late Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter and conservationist. Explore the worlds of big cats, creatures that slither, and flying friends.